Art is not just for the rich and famous any more. you can buy some amazing pieces of wall art from a gallery and dress up your home or business premises really easily. You can add a touch of colour to an otherwise plain room, or create a talking point in an entertainment space.

Choosing your artwork

You have to choose your art carefully. For example, if you run a vegan restaurant, you might not want animal prints on your wall. If you have a yoga studio then you want something relaxing and in-keeping, nothing with huge bright patterns or sharp shapes.

You will also need to think of the frame. The frames around your piece of artwork could make or break the feel you are trying to convey. If you have a minimalist style then having bold, chunky frames with intricate designs will not be to your liking. You may prefer simple frames, all in the same colour for every piece of wall art you own.

You might want to frame some music or cinema posters, especially if that is your hobby or a large part of your interest. Keep it personal to you if it is in your own personal space.

Other art

You can make a statement in a room by using sculptures or other forms of freestanding art. These can really draw the eye and create a feature in the room. These forms of art might not be a great idea for those who have pets however as they can be easily knocked over and broken. Interior design, especially for yoru own home is all about your own taste and style, so why not go wild.

Limited space

If your space is limited then you might want to consider the frame itself as a piece of interior design. Think of the keyhole frame on the door of Monica’s apartment in the sitcom ‘Friends’. It is so simple but has become an iconic feature of the show, and is copied by fans worldwide.

You can use an elaborately designed frame around a mirror if wall space is at a premium, make it eye catching and you wont miss having traditional artwork on your wall. Or, why not simply arrange your smaller framed peices together to create a gallery wall?

Personal art

Interior design isnt just about making the house look showroom ready, it is also about expressing your own personal style. There is also nothing wrong with showing off the artwork that your younger family members create. Often we hang these using fridge magnets on our fridges and freezers in the kitchen, but why not frame some, they would look great to be framed and hung in a childs bedroom or playroom. From simple childs hand prints to macaroni landscapes, everything your child creates at a young age is worth keeping and loving.

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