When coming up with the design scheme for a room, one of the most important elements will be the floor. The people who enter this interior should be blown away when their eyes look down. At the same time, the floor needs to be consistent with the overall room theme. In order to achieve this, the designer could utilise the rugs available from Trendcarpet. Their catalogue features an extensive variety to choose from.

Round Rugs

Whilst some people prefer to go for rectangular rugs, those with an eye for design will tend to favour round ones. There are several benefits to doing so. They go better with different shaped interiors. The high quality round rugs from Trendcarpet will also help to make a room appear larger. This kind of floor cover can serve as an eye catching centrepiece.

Traditional Patterns

Once the designer has chosen the shape of their carpet. they will then have to decide on the right pattern. This will largely depend on what style the room will be. Traditional patterns are favoured by those who want their interiors to have a classic feel. Trendcarpet has pieces inspired by Ancient Greece and China, as well as more recent traditional aesthetic trends.

Abstract Patterns

An alternative route is to go for a modernist design. This could involve using abstract patterns to make a bold statement. These types of rugs are ideal for people striving for a truly unique interior.

Bright or Subdued Colours

The colour will also be an important element of the rug. The right choice will depend on whether the designer wants the rug to draw attention or blur in with the rest of the background. The colours of the other elements in the room will also be a big factor.

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