At its most basic, the concept of design is simply a plan to create a decorative or functional object. Of course, most people will automatically think of glamorous aspects such as fashion design or designing a website. However, just about every item you can think of initially started with a basic design. Even the most mundane product such as a tin opener, a hairdryer, or a bicycle began as a plan on a drawing board.

Why Simple Designs Work

If you are looking for an example of a simple design that really works, and is in fact, quite innovative, take a look at the van racking and storage solution crafted by Work System. The initial project recognised a gap in the market to provide racking in service vehicles, and the design process began. The company is now renowned throughout the world, and perhaps others have copied their system to a lesser extent.

Making Use of Limited Space

One of the critical elements of Work System’s van racking solution is that it makes use of all of the space in a vehicle. Obviously, the back of a van is a relatively small area, but the clever design ensures every corner of it is put to maximum use. Their method employs the use of a modular that can be adapted for any customer or any brand of vehicle. Another brilliant design idea is that all their components fit together in such a way that further additions can be added later.

Testing a Design

Before a product ever reaches the open market, it will be tested at every stage of its design and production process. Work System understood the need for this and regularly tested and improved its initial design. Even now, they still listen to customer feedback, and if they agree that any aspect of their van racking system needs updating, they will head back to the design team. State of the art simulation is also a necessary requirement before the product is ready.

Safety Matters

No matter what the product, there is always the potential for injury if it is misused or doesn’t meet safety standards. The design should factor in any requirements to ensure no harm is caused when using the product. Work System is well aware of this and use the highest quality materials fitted in the correct manner and tested extensively. They even offer videos to advise of the right way to use their van racking.

If you are thinking of design as a career, don’t just go for the most obvious route. Even everyday objects have to start somewhere, and your plan could make a world of difference.

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