Anyone who is going to start a website pays some attention to the web design. Mostly because they want their site to look good. Beyond that, they may not give it much thought. Not unless they are experienced with the way that a website works and what it requires to be a success. Many do not realise that the design can play an essential role in increasing sales, or performing any desired call to action.

First Impressions

Whenever a consumer is going to buy a product, the first impressions of it are going to count. Even before they discover what they need to know about it. The same applies to the website. The design is going to make the first impression of you as the provider of what they are looking for. If you begin to build trust right at the beginning, then it will be much easier to acquire the confidence needed in the products that you are offering.

There are some interesting statistics that show that 75% of the opinions formed about a website are based on the design of it.

Some Potential Problems

If the design of the site is outdated, then a potential buyer may think the same about any of the products you are offering.

If the design makes it difficult to navigate around the site, the potential buyer becomes frustrated. By the time they reach the product of interest, they are focusing on their frustrations and not the marketing material of the product.

If links are broken within the design, this makes it very difficult for clients to get to where they are intended to go, which is probably your sales page.

Another mistake is to have the site designed in a manner that has nothing to do with what you are promoting.

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