When it comes to creating and operating a successful business it’s all about branding. Design plays a critical role in this and is often one of the business elements that gets overlooked.

Stats Prove Design Works

A business owner has many different things to consider for the betterment of their business. When they begin to think about the effects of their design on their business they may be undecided as to its value. Yet over time, many statistics have supported the worth of design including a study that goes back to 2005. In the study, the Design Counsel scrutinized 63 portfolios over several years. The results were that those companies that focused on design performed higher than those that didn’t within the study. Looking at how far design has come over the past few years creates an even greater opportunity for design to be able to help scale up a business.

User Friendly Design

For those looking at the design of their website they also need to ensure that it creates a user-friendly atmosphere for those who visit the site. The design incorporates many different elements of the business which includes the advertisements as well as the presentation of the service or product itself. These elements must work in harmony.

The Brand

The design for the brand can be and should be its foundation on which all the other components of brand building rest on. It is the design of the brand that creates the visual memory of it. The design includes the logo as well as the colours which can all create lasting memories.

Design is the First Impression

As the saying goes, “first impressions are lasting impressions”. And this is one of the components that make the design so powerful. It has the ability to create results that will bring in revenue to the company. In addition to this design is a form of communication that can be ongoing. This is done through visualization.

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