Have you ever considered if web design is a form of art? Well, a website needs to attract traffic to its site and be sufficiently appealing to retain their interest. In a commercial setting, the website needs to attract new customers and keep the customer base it already has. Designers often use different colour schemes, vivid pop-ups and visually appealing graphics. This is much the same with many forms of art where colour and looks are undoubtedly essential to appeal to the discerning eye. First impressions are equally important to websites and art. This is especially important when considering poster designs. A customer will purchase a poster based upon its visual attraction and its use either as a form of decoration or in some cases as a method of advertising.

Poster Art

The Dear Sam website offers many attractive posters and prints for sale, and you can be sure to find a wide variety of subjects and designs to suit all tastes. Posters as an art form are undeniably crucial as a form of household decoration to adorn the walls of even the most stylish and elegant houses. When considering what style of poster to purchase, you need to consider the setting where the wall covering will be placed. Some people may be more captivated by music and fashion posters. In contrast, others will go for a more classic style such as those featuring the works of old masters or advertising famous cities around the world. Whatever you are looking for check out the Dear Sam site to be sure to meet your expectations.

Web Design

Many things go into designing a site not least the need to use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to maximise your need for an exact breakdown of your customer demographics. This will able you to target your main audience effectively with things such as special offers and news of new products. Use of keywords can enhance the visibility of the site and give it a higher ranking among search engines. As well as formal consideration such as SEO, informal requirements such as the use of artistic fonts and eye-catching backgrounds help to increase the appeal of the site, much the same as designing a poster.

Posters as Wall Art

Since the advent of commercial printing processes, posters have been a significant source of art reproduction and an effective means of advertising. Their principal function is as a form of design in their own right. Dear Sam provides posters for every aesthetic need and to add icing to the cake they provide frames that can be used to set off their posters for the best effect. Undoubtedly, art is vital to successful web design and as a stand-alone form as depicted by posters.

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