Future of Web design

As more people and businesses join the Internet to make their presence known, it creates a different form of target market for designers. Many individuals have taken on the role of “do it yourself”. This includes the designing of their website as well as its development. Their capabilities of being able to do this are supported by the many different resources that are being made available to them.

A Different Approach

Designers are not going to be able to fight against these resources but a better move is for them to integrate them as part of their service. By taking on a support role for those who want to build their own websites, they are still able to create a viable market for themselves.

Maintenance Issues

While there are many resources and tools for the do-it-yourself person to use, it becomes a problem for them when they realize that maintenance is also a part of being a web owner. Designers can play a role in this, because many of the maintenance factors have to deal with the compatibility of the design itself.

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