The branding of a business or a website is often thought to be the responsibility of many other professionals outside the sphere of the designer. However, understanding the responsibilities of a designer creates a clear picture of just how important the role is that this expert takes on with their Web design services.

Building Trust

One of the jobs of the designer is to build trust in the site. This applies to both those that visit the site, and the client themselves. Trust in a brand is critically important. A brand can be well known for its marketing activities, but if it is not able to build a trust in those that see it, then it doesn’t have much value. There are different components that the design expert will build into the site that helps to build trust.

The Layout

The layout can certainly be detailed, but it has to be kept as simple as possible. Some websites are busier than others. The challenge for the designer is to be able to work with the busy layout that is going to meet all the requirements of the site, yet, not miss out on any of the components needed to retain and build the trust of the viewer.

Extra Media

It is very difficult to restrain some clients from wanting a lot of additional media and pop-ups. These are part of the design of the website, and the designer has to plan for them. They can become overwhelming, and take over the site. They can start to build a mistrust in the viewer. This mistrust then pours over to the brand presence that the web design is making.


A great portion of the web design depends on visualization. The designer has to create a pleasing design that one is viewing and automatically appeals to them. This is where font and colour play a role, and both become part of the branding. Ideally, the colours and fonts should be compatible with all other types of branding media that are being used.

A good designer has many different things to think about during each segment of their service. They have to think about the future success of the website. Their role in this is critically important.

Author craig