Visual Communication

The designer has many different tools and resources at their disposal to help them with their task of Web design. They have many different areas of responsibility when it comes to the building of a site. Something that they have to pay close attention to is visual communication, as it plays a critical role. It is because this is the form of communication that a website takes on. Just like visual communication is important in other forms of media. For websites, verbal communication is only done through the content. The content and the other components that the designer creates have to work in harmony.

Through Images

One of the major components that a designer uses when focusing on communication is images. They have the task when designing the website of knowing where the images are going to have the biggest impact, and what the size will be.

Depending on the client, the designer may take on the role of providing the images which are a whole new realm regarding visual communication. In many cases, the web owner may decide to either provide the images or place them, themselves. However, the designer still has the job of where these images will have the best visual communication.

Visual Communication and Web Design

Technically, visual communication and web design can be separated into two separate entities. However, the web designer that is highly successful will usually be able to take on the role of the visual communication expert. Some are of the opinion that a designer only focuses on the images for a site. Their responsibilities are far broader than this.

Author craig