Graphic design and television

In general, most people would not consider graphic design and television of having any link. Yet, all one has to do is go back to the 1980s, and look at the first attempts of using graphics that were created by computers integrating this with television. All too often, graphic design gets restricted to thinking that it is only applicable to the web. Of course, design plays a critical role on the web and without it, one can only imagine just how boring the Internet would be.

Graphic Design and Television Advertising

Everyone knows that the success of any TV program is usually based on the support of the advertisers. They are the driving force behind the economics of television. While they only take up a short amount of time for viewing, the impact they have to make during this time means that every second must count.

Verbal Communication and Images

In order for television to have an impact with advertising, they rely on verbal communication. They still go on the concept that a picture is worth 1000 words. This is what brings in the important role of the graphic designer.

Going back many years, advertisers had to rely on fine arts and photography to make their statement. Now, with the expertise of the graphic designers, this is no longer an issue. The graphic designers are able to take what the illustrators design for them, and turn this into the animation that fits into the design.

A New Platform

As technology progressed, graphic designers were given more capabilities and tools to work with, and the television networks turned to them to create a new platform for visuals. This brought graphic designers into the realm of visual communication. Graphic designers and visual communicators are still two separate entities, but are intricately linked when it comes to visual presentation for television.

Graphic Designers and Ad Copy

Graphic designers have to be able to work very closely with these experts that are going to be creating the ad copy. In the forefront are the images and animation that is going to be used. And this has to be compatible with the spoken and written word.

The Internet and Television

Graphic designers have progressed to such a level in their skills, that they can now design websites that mimic a television episode by using the content and resources that are given to them such as the script from the copy editors as well as the video producers.

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