Design involves seeing things that others cannot see until the end product is alive. However, even designers get their minds clogged sometimes. They have an idea of what they are trying to create, but the picture just doesn’t come up clearly. It is for this reason that smoking has often been cited as a popular habit among designers – an effort to achieve clarity.

New-Wave Clarity for Designers

However, with the increasingly popular fights against smoking, designers need a new way to achieve the same clarity levels that taking a cigarette drag offers. Snus and nicotine pouches are great alternatives. A visit to the website reveals just why.

The site has a huge variety of products that a designer can use without upsetting the workplace – or their health. These are drawn from industry leaders like Nordic Spirit, Helwit, Velo, Vid and Fumi.

For those who want to avoid tobacco, there are tobacco-free vapes, Snus, and nicotine pouches. These can be great for people who are trying to get off the smoking habit. They still offer the same nicotine kick without the distraction of stepping out to have a smoke.

The Northerner website offers a variety of payment methods and free delivery, with no minimum spend. These are just the perfect offers for any designer who wants to concentrate on their work. By helping designers achieve the clarity of mind that often proves elusive, Snus and nicotine pouches might need to be mentioned in the story of the best design products we see in the future!

Author craig