There has been a lot of talk about net neutrality, and it is raising concerns in many different industries. The Internet is a viable resource and commodity for many businesses and general consumers.

Internet Censorship

In many ways, net neutrality comes down to basically being Internet censorship. In general, there are many that are against this. Of course, it includes a multitude of businesses as it could put many restrictions on them for the way that they do business on the web.

Trickle Down Effect for Designers

This is going to have a current trickle-down effect where it would affect designers. Most likely the neutrality would put plenty of restrictions on them which is going to impact their capabilities of creating the web design that is going to have the impact that it does now.

Loss of Business

Neutrality could even restrict who the designers are able to take on as clients. Neutrality is going to include the revamping of rules and Internet regulations. Basically, if it were integrated to its fullest capacity, it could change the way of the Internet in its entirety. Doing so would create massive restrictions on designers who would then have to be compliant.

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