A successful website is made up of two major components which are graphic design and content. The two work hand-in-hand. If one is weak, then it has a negative effect on the other. Web design has a great deal of importance to it. Anyone that wants to have an online presence is going to be totally reliant on the design of the website, keeping in mind that this includes the content.


A well-designed website speaks on behalf of its owner. The owner cannot be there physically to confront the readers, therefore, the visual aspects of the design have to be impressive to the viewer. It is no different than a salesperson or representative being in front of a client. They are expected to be presentable and well dressed. This is what the visual aspects of the web design are going to duplicate.


The web design specialist has the responsibility of making sure that they are creating a good user experience. When a visitor visits a site, they want to be able to access everything of interest quickly and easily. Therefore, not only is the layout important, the navigation is as well. This is something that a designer must plan for in a detailed way.

Trust and Reliability

A good web design will make a visitor feel good about being there. If the site is built in a reliable manner, meaning that it is going to load quickly, and be laid out in a simple manner, then it builds a trust of the site without the visitor even making contact.

Brand Building

The entire layout of the site contributes to the building of the brand. All of the components mentioned so far help to support the build of the brand. Anyone that is doing business knows how important their brand building is to them.


Web design has to be comprised of consistency. Visitors will set their expectations quickly. They will expect one page to flow into another page, and have the same look and feel about it. At the same time, the designer has the obligation to make each page unique while retaining the same look and feel.

Search Engine Optimization

The web designer has three major entities to please. The designer must meet the needs and wants of the visitors to the website. They must meet the demands of the client. And they must also meet the requirements of the search engines. None of these three can ever be forgotten during the process of Web design.

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